Finding information on websites can be really challenging. Result quality and user friendliness of the search function often leave something to be desired and worsen the overall user experience. With the Condat Search Appliance, you can enhance your site search substantially, providing a unified, intuitive access to all your web content.

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Type Ahead für schnelleres Finden

Intelligent search

The Condat Search Appliance understands your visitors. Automatic correction of errors and type-ahead make the search process as easy as possible. Results are sorted by relevance and can be narrowed down using dynamically generated facets.

Feature-Einstellungen der CSHS

Simple administration

The Condat Search Appliance goes easy on your IT resources. After setup, the appliance regularly crawls your sites and indexes all content. In the admin cockpit you define synonyms for search terms, manage blacklists and influence the ranking of search results in order to promote content.



Upon request
  • max 500.000 documents

  • standard support level

  • further services on request


Upon request
  • unlimited number of documents

  • premium service level

  • further services on request



Condat Search Appliance

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