Lyndon Nixon (MODUL)
ReTV – Trending topic prediction and dynamic re-purposing of TV media assets to optimally reach audiences


Über den Vortrag

In the ReTV project, we develop a media content re-purposing and online publication tool which uses prediction to suggest topics and events to focus the future online promotion of an organization’s media assets on. The tool guides the creation of a publication at an optimal time, with the automatic re-purposing of the media asset to fit the channel, to maximise the content’s potential reach and engagement.

Dr. Lyndon Nixon is the CTO of MODUL Technology GmbH. He also holds the position of Assistant Professor in the New Media Technology group at MODUL University Vienna. He has been researching in the semantic multimedia domain since 2001. His PhD (2007) was on automatic generation of multimedia presentations using semantics. He has been active in many European and Austrian projects including in the role of Scientific Coordinator (LinkedTV) and Project Coordinator (MediaMixer, ReTV). He is a main proponent of “Linked Media” – deriving associations between media resources based on their semantic annotations – and promoting the use of state of the art AI for data-driven TV content creation and distribution.